Between what has been and what could be, there is you.

About Nicco

"As a licensed therapist, I hold the privilege of providing a safe and nonjudgmental space for individuals, couples, and groups to explore their concerns, needs, hopes, and dreams." 

What our clients have to say

"Words cannot express how lucky I am to have found Nicco when I did! I was in the depths of suicide and depression and Nicco's caring and understanding demeanor kept me going back. She really helped out with the things I struggle with like fixing everyone's problems and people pleasing. I could go on and on but if you are looking for a kind and caring therapist give Nicco a call and get on her schedule. You won't regret it. Also congratulations you have found yourself a therapist!" 


"I love Niccos energy, support, and guidance. I am so very lucky to have found someone who knows how to manage a soul like me." 


"I have worked with many therapists, and I do not know how Nicco does what she does, none of the other therapists have been able to do what she has to connect me to the little boy inside. There are many men out there that need what she has to offer."